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Connecticut Chapter Members

The following is a listing of Connecticut Chapter Members as supplied to us by the American College of Health Care Administrators.  For Chapter Members appearing below it is important that we have the most current information on your Membership, and toward that end we are urging you to access your Membership Profile at and make any changes required.  Click on "Membership" on the left-hand side of the page, then click on "Membership Profile Change."  Connecticut Chapter Member mailing addresses will be shared only with other Connecticut Chapter Members upon request.

Don't see YOUR NAME on the list, but believe you are a Member?  First, check your Membership Card, then contact ACHCA at 202-536-5120;  Let's get this straightened out! 

Don't see YOUR NAME on the list, but know that you should be a Member?  Now you're talking!  Go to the Membership page of the ACHCA website and sign-up on-line or download an application.

For Consultants and Vendors to the Profession - SEE information on Business Affiliate Membership and Associate Membership.

Connecticut Chapter Members As of 07/31/2019:

Last_Name First_Name
Abramson Lewis
Afrede Momin
Alatise Lara
Allen Peter
Archambault Tania
Bachman Portia
Bardsley Sandra
Bates Alan
Bavolack Matthew
Bell Michael
Benn Samuel
B-Mullings Norma
Bouchard David
Bray Joseph
Brown Richard
Brown-Stewart Sharon
Byron Helen
Carmichael Joel
Carmichael Lizbeth
Carney Michele
Caron John
Chadderton Karen
Christofori James
Cleary Dennis
Coccagna Nancy J.
Cunningham Linda
Dana Eric
DeCosta Stanley
Dembski Anne
DeRing Jessica
DeVries Jane
Disco Cindy
Dunford Carla
Ehrenfels Linda
Elefant Eliezer
Faucher Jaime
Fider Everton
Finkelstein Mark
Fischer Reuven
Flaherty Tim
Gabriel Joanne
Gaudioso Marian
Giblin George
Giuditta-Deming Holly
Golec Terri
Hackling Raymond
Hammitt Jeanine
Hawley Katherine
Horstman John
Hotz Michael
Hunter Duncan
Jackson Melissa
Johnson Judy-Ann
Katz Jay
Kindzierski Paul
King Patricia
Konow Judy
Kraus Jonah
Landi Michael
Langlais Linda
Lasewicz Kathryn
Lawrence David
Le Bel Theresa
LeClair Jennesa
Lee Barbara
Lewis Nicole
Liistro Paul
Lipnicki Michael J.
Lowrie-Morris Marvette
Lyke Joan
Lynch Rita
MacDonald Susan
Malone Frank
Malone Michael
Malone-Seixas Jennifer
Maniscalco Vincent
Marinan Brenda
Mawere Jonathan
McCarthy Maureen
McClurg Jarrett
Messier Paul
Meyeroff Paul
Morales Samantha
Morris Donald G.
Mumley Joanne
Murphy James
Narula Chandani
Narvaez Molly
Neagle Patrick
Nelson William
Nigam Lokesh
Nolting Rebecca
Nonamaker Meghan
Northrop, PhD Ted
O'Connell Kevin
Olakojo Stephen
Orefice Donna
Page Patricia
Pajor Kathleen
Paul Dana
Peixoto Joseph
Perry Angela
Peterson Courtney
Quasnitschka Blair
Rebimbas Casie
Richardson Tina
Rivard Lisa
Rodowicz Curtis
Rodriguez Heather
Ronai Stephen
Ross Christine
Sacks Katherine B.
Salvietti Carol
Sanderson Theresa
Savard Molly
Schmeizl Elizabeth
Schoen Melinda
Schwartz Russell
Senia Ranyouri
Shahen Janet
Shelton Doris
Shelton Stephen
Shelton, Esq, LLC Christian
Shelton, Jr Charles F.
Sidhu Sudhir
Skoglund Carroll
Slotnik Barry
Smith Megan
Sorbo Paul
Steiner Andrew
Stephenson Gordon Patricia
Szleszynski Sylvia
Talamona Marnie
Tomasino Debra
Trowers Keisha
Trutnau Roberta
Vitko-Aniolek Stephanie
White William E.
Work Carol
Zazzaro John
Ziskin Scott

Business Affiliate Members of the Connecticut Chapter:

Celtic Consulting

Procare LTC Pharmacy