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Chapter Communicator

Please find following recent issues of the e-mail "Chapter Communicator." If you are a Chapter Member (click on the Chapter Members page from the "About CT ACHCA" tab) and are not receiving these communications, please e-mail Rick Brown at with your e-mail address.


10/15  New Members; 2018 Educational Conference & Trade Show; Annual Holiday Luncheon; Chapter Future Leaders

08/09  New Members; Brewery Experience!; Convocation 2019; Chapter Future Leaders

07/24  New Members; David Sones Advancement; Brewery Experience!; Chapter Future Leaders

06/15  Hartford Yard Goats Baseball Game

05/15  New Members; Convocation Reimbursement; New England Alliance Spring Conference; Chapter Yard Goats Baseball Game; Chapter Future Leaders

04/18  New Members; Convocation; Upcoming Events; Future Leaders; Connecticut Chapter Corporate Sponsors 2018-2019

03/19  New Members; Chapter Annual Meeting Wrapup; Convocation Reimbursement Policy; National Election Results; Future Leaders; Water Management Team pdf

01/15  New Members; Annual Update From CT DPH; Convocation Reimbursement Policy; Call For Nominations CNA Hall of Fame; Call For Nominations Chapter Officers and Directors; National ACHCA Elections


12/16  New England Alliance Winter New England Regional Conference and Annual Meeting

11/16  Annual Holiday Luncheon, Friday, December 1, 2017

07/17  New Members; Connecticut River Sunset Supper Cruise